The Book That Got Me Hooked On Reading

I was a teenager much like any other teen boy; interested in sports and girls and in and out of a lot of trouble. As young boy previously I had been an avid reader of youth books such as the Hardy Boys (highly recommended for youth!), but it wasn’t until my parents came home from the library and handed my brother and I Fire Sea by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the third instalment in the Death Gate Cycle that I became hooked.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.11.27 PM

This was the bridge for me between innocent youth and the troublesome and formative young adult years. This book and the many that followed it became my guides in life, showing me right from wrong and all the grey in between.

In particular for this series the authors display the struggles of Haplo as he faces the all too real circumstance of choosing between his parental figure’s teachings and what he feels to be right within himself.

If more people in today’s culture read such books and learned the lessons hidden within then I feel that crime, war and hate would lessen in turn.

I revisited this series as an adult and found the writing to above average and that the story still resonates. I recommend this! You can even start as I did; read the third book first!


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