3 Quotes & How They Guide Me by Michael Moore

I wrote and shared this originally on http://www.crowdCONNX.com.



He Who Hesitates Is Lost. 

At first glance this quote seems like a dive in and damn the consequences sort of quote. I assure you it is not.

This quote speaks to the yearnings and desires (note I am not speaking to base desires here) within us all. That moment when the project you have been dreaming of is before you, or when the person you love smiles just so or when the trip of a lifetime becomes available; too often we hesitate thinking a myriad of thoughts from responsibilities to what if’s, all reasons to hesitate until the opportunity that we were waiting for is lost.

Do not hesitate when faced with that which truly matters or the you that you are meant to be could be lost.

The Mind is Everything, What You Think You Become. Buddha. 

When I first started researching Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy this ideal…

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