Making the Most of Your Tax Refund

Some solid advise here on what to do with your income tax returns. I suggest paying some debt and investing the rest (or put it in a high return savings account until you can afford a good investment); obviously real estate in the investment I would advise in.

Apprisen Money Minute

It’s almost tax time; which means tax refund time, yay!

I can remember as a small child this time of year when my parents received their tax refund. My sisters and I would get an allowance that we could use to go shopping for new clothes, shoes, etc. We weren’t poor but we weren’t rich either. My father was a Marine and not at all a materialistic man. So most of the time we got what we needed, which was not always what we wanted.

As a teen my parents were divorced so refund time meant I got spoiled rotten along with my sisters. At the time I was just happy to get the money but, looking back, I realize they did it out of guilt of the divorce. As an adult I try to understand why so many people squander their refunds this way. All those years, all…

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