What I’m Reading Now – The Lizard Cage by Karen Connelly, Chapter 14

lizardcageIn The Lizard Cage, Karen Connelly does not spare us a moment, no matter how private, of her prisoner Teza’s life behind bars. In Chapter 14 the author bares Teza’s soul as he recalls his courting and love for Ma Thazin, or as he puts it, he tries to find her.

Karen somehow reveals Teza’s pure love while mixing in lust smeared by imprisonment and shame. I have seldom felt a more contrasting mix of emotions nor such a strange building of tension, and she does not let up as Teza, himself, fuelled but a very human need could not let up until the very end, which prison and this candid novelist somehow turned into anything but the release expected “as though the wall itself has clenched tight and crushed them all.”

Maung-go lo-ba-deh. Chit-pa-deh. “I’m afraid. You’ll hurt me.” Ma Thazin whispered to Teza during their first love making.

I feel the same about this book.






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