Are You Intentional?

What will your financial intentions be?

Coach Greg Say's, "THINK ABOUT IT."

I had the opportunity to be the Keynote Speaker at the New Mexico Association of Government Accountants last week in Albuquerque.

Guess what? Out of room of 300 people I was one of five who weren’t accountants.

So, I started thinking that I might be out of my league, right? I mean how can a non-accountant teach anything about numbers and finances to accountants?

Well, after a quick show of hands, only about ten percent of the room did a monthly budget at home. And nearly 100 people are asking for one-on-one financial coaching.

So, what does all of that mean? In my talk I used one of my favorite John Maxwell quotes. He says, “Growth is not an automatic process. If you want to grow, you have to do so intentionally.”

Really? Certainly that doesn’t apply to accountants when we’re talking about getting better with our finances. Oh, but…

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