Book Recommendation: The Lizard Cage by Karen Connelly

If you have read my blog you will have read a couple What I’m Reading Now reviews of this masterful novel. In The Lizard Cage, Karen Connelly proves she is not only a gifted prose writer, but also unapologetically dedicated to seeing to the depths of her characters; at times taking us to places we would likely rather not go. 

lizardcageCan this novel be dark? Absolutely, yet so too can the world it is set in; which to be clear is the world we find ourselves in today, just in a different country (may as well be a different planet). 

This kind of novel is not only entertaining, it is important. Mankind hides behind its televisions and news anchors with stories picked to feed ratings and advertisers. Karen Connelly’s work of fiction has far more truth than any ‘factual, news source dare report. 

This is the kind of work that demands an answer from its reader and makes us question what we already ‘know’.


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