What I’m Reading Now: You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself, My Unbelievable Story of Failure in Professional Wrestling by Ben Nelson Creed

One of the many dreams I have fulfilled was to become a professional wrestler, albeit for a short period. Maybe this is because of the age I began wrestling (early 30’s) or maybe I just wasn’t cut out for the harsh treatment that wrestlers put their bodies through; either way the bone spurs that developed in my neck brought that dream to a close.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.57.51 AMAlthough I flirt with the idea of returning to the ring I also understand that it is highly unlikely. Which is one reason I am loving You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself: My Unbelievable Story of Failure in Professional Wrestling by Ben Nelson Creed. I get to live all the glory that is professional wrestling through his memories!

I am not far into this book yet but I am highly entertained. Ben weaves the tale of his story coming up in professional wrestling with a dry wit which matches his character (Nelson Creed) in the ring. At times I cringe for his unapologetic descriptions of the many people whom he met and spent time with training and in the ring, but Nelson Creed is writing this book so it is how it should be.

This book tells the true story of wrestling, one that every fan of wrestling should read. There is so much more to professional wrestling than ‘Pyro’ and psychology, but you will have to get into a ring or read this book to find out what that is.


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