What I’m Reading Next: The Fencer Trilogy by K.J. Parker

I have written of my love for the work of K.J. Parker prior in my book recommendation for his novel The Folding Knife. He is the perfect example of the quality of writings that can be found when casually browsing the library or used book store; which has been a favourite pastime for my entire adult life.

I came across the last two books for The Fencer Trilogy, Book 2 The Belly of the Bow and Book 3 The Proof House while doing exactly that in the used book stores at Pike Place in Seattle (whilst sipping on a Starbucks made at the original Starbucks I might add).

I can’t quite explain the excitement I get when I stumble across such gems. I end up spending hours searching for more at an almost frantic pace like an addict hoping to find a secret and forgotten stash.

For Book 1 Colours of Steel I turned to Amazon as I suspected it would be more than difficult to locate K.J. Parker’s work at my local Chapters and I knew it was not available at my library. Besides, I love Amazon and I was (and still am) backlogged with dozens of books waiting to be read; I had ample time to wait for it to be delivered by mail.


The contrast in the books here as well as the Budai (laughing Buddha), wrestler and sword clearly reflects the internal conflict in me, and maybe many of you as well. Waiting to be read there: The Tao of Physics, An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism by Fritjof Capra. Maybe that will help with said internal conflict (insert winky face here).



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