What I’m Reading Next: The Lost Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell

I was recommend Bernard Cornwell by a colleague who I cannot thank enough. I have read at least half a dozen of his novels since and have some 20 or so to go! That is enough great reads to last me over a year! Complete treasure trove!

The Lost Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell is the first book in the Saxon Chronicles. I have to admit that I have read ahead (something I unapologetically do) and have finished several books in the series as I waited for my copy of The Lost Kingdom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.00.41 AMThe main character in this series, Uhtred is masterfully crafted, full of passions, desires and later on, regrets. I am a fan of fiction mostly because it allows me to look within others and see how my fellow man operates and why. Uhtred is a case study well worth investing my time in.

This story is set in the 9th and 10th centuries when the Vikings had invaded and occupied much of England (not that it was known as England then). As such it is full of religion (very real and important to the people of that time), battle and court intrigue as well as painting a wonderful picture of how life really was during those dark days: Everything I love about historical fiction!

For my Canadian readers you can find the onscreen adaptation for The Last Kingdom on Netflix. I’m not sure whether the BBC series is available elsewhere so here is a link to the DVD set. Is this as good as the books? No. But still a great show!

Bernard Cornwell is a master of his craft, as such I am truly looking forward to this read.


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