5 Lessons from Our Updated Webinars

Nelnet’s Blog for Financial Aid Officers

By now, you’re well aware that our Nelnet resource library contains a ton of great financial literacy resources for both you and your students. We recently updated our content by restocking our virtual shelves in our webinar section. Our library now features 12 updated webinars covering financial literacy topics for students, and professional development topics for financial aid officers.

These webinars include loads of great facts and tips, including:

More recent delinquencies have a greater impact on your credit score. 

Sure, missing a payment is a punch to the gut of your credit score, but did you know that delinquencies from last month hit heavier than those from a year ago? Check out our Personal Finance webinar for more.

Steering clear of the coffee shop can mean big savings.

Sacrificing one specialty coffee per day can save up to $1,460 per year. Factor in those savings over 30 years and… wow!

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