Acme Café: My Favourite Diner Style Café

I love this spot! Nothing beats coming late morning or early afternoon for a seat on their diner bar where I am always greeted by a friendly waitress with a pot of coffee in hand. Acme Café is a perfect throwback to the classic North American diner, complete with said waitress, classic diner cuisine, a plethora of fresh baked pies and other baked goods and the diner bar where you can watch the Chef make your dish with love.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.58.43 PMIf you come during the times I like to that is exactly what you will see. I hope the Day Chef will forgive me for forgetting his name (I always greet him as Chef) as I am about to sing his praise. He cooks with love.

During my first visit to Acme Café I ordered the feature which was a pork chop (I forget what it came with). I sat sipping my coffee and watched as he basted said pork chop with the kind of care one expects only from the most talented of chefs in the most pricey kitchens, yet here I was seated on a diner bar!

The Day Chef has yet to disappoint. His fare always receives that kind of care and attention to detail. I almost always order the chicken clubhouse (a favourite sandwich of mine since childhood) which made his skill all the more telling for when I visited during a time that he was away; my sandwich went from stellar to disappointing. So please do as I say and visit before 2pm as that will give you the best possible experience.

And then there is the Pastry Chef. I also hope she will forgive me for forgetting her name. She arrives to work each morning at 4am (I believe that was the time she stated) and puts out some of the best pies and cookies that can be found in Vancouver. Show up around 11am, sit on the end of the diner bar and you may be graced with her presence as she draws a pint at the close of her shift. She is a wonderful conversationalist who clearly loves what she does, which shows in how well she does it. One morning her fresh out of the oven pie was cooling near us, the scent of it was so mouthwatering that we bought the whole thing, as she had to let it settle before she could offer us a slice. It was divine.

Acme Café has charm that is lacking in most modern dining. It has a sense of community. I will be back. I suggest you give it a go.

As a restauranteur I have a certain appreciation for my peers and their efforts. As such I like to share with others the spots I am most found of. I believe there is room for all of us to prosper. You can find me every day in the restaurants I am partner in at


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