An Open Letter to the One Who Keeps on Backstabbing

the gallivant amethyst

open letter to you an open letter to you

My Dearest,

            Days continue passing by as I linger in the posts of my bed. Nothing new, all the same. We’d been like these for forever. I may be plain and ordinary, yet my mere presence affects you in every subtle way. Literally, they go beyond their stuff just to get me. You might say that this is just my  assumption, but I guess it’s not. Couple of ears heard it echoed as it bounced from the different intervals of their mouth from yours. It is well represented in your pieces of work. Lastly, I’ve seen it and heard it firsthand. Their intentions have reached their targets and they are very good at it. Applause for you. They became the masters of their own nightmares. I don’t know where are they coming from.

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