Life is a fairytale

Kwarus' Blog

By Tobi Kale

I’ll get my happy Ending too, love is definitely  more complex than just any four letter word.
Sometimes, I Can’t help but wonder what it really is. Is it meant for only a specific few?
I’ve seen a lot of romantic movies yet my life hasn’t experienced even half a scene,
These things make me wonder if it truly exists or it’s just some make-believe. Some say
“you probably tend to fall in love with those who never loved you”- but really how do you
get to meet the one who loves you when everyone seems just the same?

Other times, they say “life is no fairy-tale, where you just glance at each other and  fall in love,
you have to make your move”. You finally make that move only to be left in the dark alone
with your imaginations (thinking of the most probable). They leave you lost…

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