Favourite Poems #7 One Hundred Love Sonnets – Midday – XLVII by Pablo Neruda

I am a sucker for love poems written with passion. The third last line of this poem is just ridiculous in the best possible of ways: “and my mouth will fill with the taste of you”. Yep. Amazing. You can find this and so much more within the pages of The Poetry of Pablo Neruda.

girl-1031645_1920I want to look back and see you in the branches.
Little by little you turned into fruit.
It was easy for you to rise form the roots,
singing your syllable of sap.
Here you will be a fragrant flower first,
changed to the statuesque form of a kiss,
till the sun and the earth, blood and the sky, fulfill
their promises of sweetness and pleasure, in you.
There in the branches I will recognize your hair,
your image ripening in the leaves,
bringing the petals nearer my thirst,
and my mouth will fill with the taste of you,
the kiss that rose from the earth
with your blood, the blood of a lover’s fruit.



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