Tao Te Ching Chapter 3

Look at this third chapter of the Tao Ching I am struck at the need for this in modern society. Again in the final words I recognize the mystery of the Tao in that I read that by acting without purpose I will indeed be able to control outcomes.

This chapter will be a challenge for me and I suspect anyone raised with Western values where we are taught to be ambitious; even reading the Tao Ching answers my personal ambitions of a more peace filled life but I realize the truths written here. Particularly the first and third chapter. I will need to spend more time with the second and fourth.

Please visit taoism.net for the full book and more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.43.33 AMDo not glorify the achievers
So the people will not squabble
Do not treasure goods that are hard to obtain
So the people will not become thieves
Do not show the desired things
So their hearts will not be confused

Thus the governance of the sage:
Empties their hearts
Fills their bellies
Weakens their ambitions
Strengthens their bones

Let the people have no cunning and no greed
So those who scheme will not dare to meddle

Act without contrivance
And nothing will be beyond control


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