How I Intend to Deal With My Sensitivity


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.11.16 PMFor most who know me on the the idea that I am sensitive would seem strange or even false. I face hard situations with angry people most days yet am seldom shaken. My friends and I share a sense of humour that can be a touch harsh at times (I’ve committed myself to stoping this as we all too often hurt others) yet I am never bothered. I don’t think there is a soul in the world who would think that I give two shits what anyone has to say or think about me. In some cases that would be correct. I certainly do not blink when people make fun of my work with crowdCONNX or “all those inspiration posts”, yet that is not the whole story.

Those who are closest to me know differently. I can become hurt and immediately defensive or even angry when faced with even day to…

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