Favourite Poems #8 [To Katherine-?] January 25, 1976 by Charles Bukowski

I recently picked up a copy of Living on Luck Selected Letters 1960s-1970s Volume 2 by Charles Bukowski who has become a favourite poet of mine. In this poem he captures love perfectly. I was left feeling the warmth and comfort that accompanies a familiar and true love.

[To Katherine-?]Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.47.05 AM

January 25, 1976
you are like sunlight
sunlight walking around.
you don’t know how good
you are.
you play with my seriousness,
make me laugh.
when you comb your hair
all the gods come down
from the mountain
and watch
you are the woman
all women should have
I ache with disbelief and
no matter how you turn
your body
of what you say
it is the perfect diamond
the perfect cut
the perfect glow
and when you get the blues
I get the blues
because I don’t want you
to get the blues
in my life
I’ve told two other
women that I loved
I wouldn’t say it to
one of those women
and another died
in another way
if I never see you again
I will always carry you
on my fingertips
and at brain edges
and in centers
of what I am of
what remains.
Charles Bukowski

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