Tao Te Ching Chapters 6 & 7

I have shared both chapters 6 and 7 in this post due to the nature of Chapter 6. It is a touch too abstract for me with its symbolism. Perhaps because I am not living in China in 2500 BC??? As such I have ordered my copy of Tao Te Ching Annotated and Explained by Derek Lin. I have stated before that I require a guide for this, he seems to be the one.

Chapter 7 seems to suggest that by serving others we can in fact achieve our own goals. I like that.

Thank you as always to Taoism.net for providing the Tao Te Ching.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.29.54 AMChapter 6

The valley spirit, undying
Is called the Mystic Female

The gate of the Mystic Female
Is called the root of Heaven and Earth

It flows continuously, barely perceptible
Utilize it; it is never exhausted
Chapter 7

Heaven and Earth are everlasting
The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever
Is that they do not exist for themselves
Thus they can last forever

Therefore the sages:
Place themselves last but end up in front
Are outside of themselves and yet survive
Is it not due to their selflessness?
That is how they can achieve their own goals


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