Not Disposable

Apprisen Money Minute

I had a very telling experience with my five-year old and his best friend recently.  While at our house, the friend was playing very roughly with his toy and broke it.  I anticipated that he would be devastated and started to console him, saying that I hate that it broke and I bet he liked it a lot.  He shrugged, smiled and said, “It’s OK. My mom will just get me a new one.”   I stammered my way through the rest of the conversation, but what he said hit home and has generated discussion in our household about caring for what we have.  It’s not only a good idea ecologically, but economically.

I started doing research about the waste created by our society.  One telling article (click here) shares that our economy is overrun with clothing, mostly cheaply made.  There is literally more than we can process…

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