Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

You died onlyafew minutes ago.You were crossing the street

whena roguesatellitecrash landed onto yourbody.It was instant,

so at least youdidn’t suffer.Not much of a silver lining,yet there it

is.I realize that you’ve gonethrough certain unfortunateeventsas

of late,like finding out that at themere age of twenty one,cancer had

spread through your spine and thattimewas limited. To preventpain,

we took you away. We had to let yourbody go,you have to understand

thatthe vessel was thoroughly flawed.It wouldn’t have been enoughto

last inthe new world and what is tocome in thenext couple of years.

That soul of yoursdeserves more,a better home. You will be brought

back stronger, unlessyou would liketostay dead. It would be a waste

to stay here,but I’ll understand.The secondoption is to go back,not as

yourself.Who you use tobe wasn’tenough,but what youwillbecome

is morethan anythingI could explain.Some will seeyouas an answer,

others a threat totheway things are.You…

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