Hiatus – Off to Chase My Dreams

I will continue to take a hiatus from this blog and crowdCONNX as I focus more fully on writing my second book, The Walls Have Painted Eyes: The Story of the Mural Artworks of Michelle Loughery Building Connections within Communities and People.

In the mean time I hope you all find meaning and purpose in your life, read good books often and takes steps to secure your finances. I know I will be.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.44.02 AMWith that in mind I recommend Tony Robbin’s Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. I am half way through it, have received a wake up call and loads of inspiration and advice from the masters themselves. You can also take my advice and invest in real estate as I have, plus support me on my journey but purchasing a copy of my first book The Bartender is Your Landlord: Why the Wealthy Elite Invest in Real Estate and How Anyone can Join Their Ranks. 

Take care of yourselves,



Financial Statement Analysis For Successful Investment — Simplistic success

One of the key components of long-term investing is finding strong companies that will have a consistent dependable growth pattern. Proper value investments can be achieved through financial statement analysis of stock(s) you are interested in investing in. Income statement The income statement or profit and loss statement provides details of a companies revenue and…

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Up to 50% Off! For a Limited Time Learn Why You Should Invest for the Price of a Latte!

Get your Kindle version of The Bartender is Your Landlord: Why the Wealthy Elite Invest in Real Estate and How Anyone Can Join Their Ranks for only $3 or the paperback for $5.95 and learn how YOU can become a landlord and secure your future financially. This is a limited time offer so click the link or book cover to learn how while sipping on your latte.


Coverage Ratio is an Excellent Indication of a Solid Investment Property

bartenderlandlordcoverCoverage Ratio is always my favourite indicator for the health of a possible real estate investment property. There are two main reasons for this.

The first is a good coverage ratio shows that the property’s income is enough to both cover it’s historical and projected expenses as well as the mortgage (principal and interest payments) without the investor having to fork out more of his or her own money.

The second reason is that the bank or mortgage broker looks at the coverage ratio as one their primary guides for loaning applications. They will of course look at you and your financial strength as well. You can seriously improve your chances of receiving your loan at the most favourable rate if you arrive with your numbers in hand with a beyond satisfactory cover ratio worked out in advance. This small exercise will set you miles apart from the average real estate investor that sits before them.

So what is a coverage ratio? Coverage ratio is your net income (income after all bills are paid) divided by your total debt services (mortgage interest plus principal). So if your net income was $1000 and your total debt services was $800 you would have 1000/800=1.25 or a coverage ratio of 1.25.

Today banks and mortgage brokers are typically looking for 1.2 to 1.3. I recommend you go in with something much higher. At least 1.5 if possible.

You can find a 7 step guide to real estate investing on our company site www.skopikinvestments.com which highlights the various steps we recommend you take. You can also check out my book The Bartender is Your Landlord: Why the Wealthy Elite Invest in Real Estate and How Anyone Can Join Their Ranks for reasons why I think everyone should and can invest invest in real estate.

Money Management for Millennials

Financial literacy month has come and gone but that doesn’t mean the financial fight is over. I know I speak about personal finances but if I don’t who will? Too many times individuals build up to that one TAX day that’s it. In reality all year round is the time to  to keep your financial wallets ‘in check’ […]


That’s Exactly What I Want !! – Clear Goal Setting

Your Life is Your Master Piece Creation!!

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We start a journey only after deciding the destination. Isn’t it? Can we reach our desired place without a clear mindset about where we want to end up? I am sure We can’t. In such case our situation will be like a flying plane without a landing plan. Same goes with the achievements also. We have to set the goal to achieve our desired results in every aspect of life. Personal Life- Professional Life balance is a much talked topic now a days because of the blind horse race that most of us are participating into. People Dream ,People Think a Lot, People spend years and years in planning but they don’t strategize their plans so mostly they don’t get any desired result out of their “Long Possessed Plans” ,Here the need of Clear  Goal setting arises.

“Nothing can stop a man with right mental attitude from achieving his goal…

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More to come: The experience of everyday wealth differences

Minding the Workplace


A guest contributor to The Guardian‘s “What I’m really thinking” column — apparently a female student — writes about the awkwardness of making social plans with friends who have a lot more money than she does:

“I’ll meet you there,” I say. “I’ve got something to do first.” That’s a lie. I just don’t want to take an hour-long taxi with you; the fare for that is outrageous. No, better to take public transport and spend an extra hour and half to save the money.

. . . Make no mistake, I am by no means poor, but by your standards I might as well be. When we go out for dinner, I scream inside at the cost. Often I don’t eat, saying I’ve had something already or I’m not hungry. Some people ask if I’m anorexic, because they never see me eat a proper meal outside school.

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Why Living Debt-free Creates a More Joyous Life

Some solid advice that I am now following.

Dream Big, Dream Often

I know so many people who portray themselves as happy on Facebook, that I can see are not very happy at all.  People are keeping up with the Joneses, piling up credit card debt, feeling the pressure of impending college tuition, wondering how in the world did I get in this much debt and how am I going to get out of this? They work jobs they abhor and live lives that are severely disorganized.

101My challenge has always been to push people to challenge themselves, to break the cycle of a life that is designing them vs them designing their life. And as I type this I realize some might read and say most people’s lives aren’t that bad; and my response is you have not been paying attention.  It might be the case that not all families encapsulate my description above, but many families deal with a…

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Maximize Your Budget

Want to invest? First you have to take control of your finances through budgeting. 75% of investing is financial control. Iron control of your finances. I know this because I have slipped time and time again.


Future Starts Today, Inc.

How can you maximize your budget to generate wealth?

Let’s use the example of Jessica. She earned her BA in a liberal arts field and obtained employment doing administrative work, earning about $30,000 a year. After taxes, she takes home about $20,000, or $1660 a month. She lives with roommates, so her rent is about 1,000 per month. She owes $20,000 in student loans and makes her monthly minimum payments of $150. After her monthly expenses, including groceries, health insurance, utilities, and miscellaneous things, she isn’t left with any money left over, and sometimes, she can’t even pay off the entire balance of her credit card.

Jessica has dreams and ambitions and wants to know how to maximize her budget to increase her net worth. She would like to own her own business one day, but it feels impossible when she’s barely scraping by, living paycheck to paycheck. So, what…

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Making the Most of Your Tax Refund

Some solid advise here on what to do with your income tax returns. I suggest paying some debt and investing the rest (or put it in a high return savings account until you can afford a good investment); obviously real estate in the investment I would advise in.

Apprisen Money Minute

It’s almost tax time; which means tax refund time, yay!

I can remember as a small child this time of year when my parents received their tax refund. My sisters and I would get an allowance that we could use to go shopping for new clothes, shoes, etc. We weren’t poor but we weren’t rich either. My father was a Marine and not at all a materialistic man. So most of the time we got what we needed, which was not always what we wanted.

As a teen my parents were divorced so refund time meant I got spoiled rotten along with my sisters. At the time I was just happy to get the money but, looking back, I realize they did it out of guilt of the divorce. As an adult I try to understand why so many people squander their refunds this way. All those years, all…

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